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Damascus Knives Set ( 8'' Chef, 6'' Universal, 3'' Paring)

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Blade of the damascus knife
The blade of this knife is made using unique Japanese Damascus Steel technology. It contains high concentration of carbon, traditionally used in production of Damascus swords and blades, even in ancient times, giving the knife an extremely sharp, durable and shatter-resistant quality, as well as giving the blade its beautiful patterned appearance.
Quentons logo on a knife handle
The knife's smooth and polished wood handle makes it light, comfortable to hold and easy to use.
Damascus chef knife
The chef knife (also known as a 'French knife' or a 'cook's knife') is an all-purpose knife – it has a curved blade which makes it possible to rock the knife against a chopping board for a more precise cut. The knife's broad and heavy blade means that you can easily cut through tough meat fibre and even chop into bone.
Damascus chef knife
The chef knife's big and long blade makes it ideal for cutting up items such as watermelon.
Damascus universal knife
Also known as 'sandwich knives', the Universal knife is perfect for cutting vegetables, cheeses, sandwich meats, etc. The entire blade can be used for cutting because of its ideal shape, even up to its sharp tipped end.
Damascus paring knife
The paring knife's plain edge blade makes it ideal for precise and intricate work, such as cutting fruit and vegetables. Its shape and style make it very convenient for peeling fruit and trimming vegetables simply using your hands, without the need for a chopping board.
The production of Damascus Steel can be traced back to the ancient technique of Middle Eastern sword-making. According to legend, the blades can cut a hair falling across the blade or cleave through stone, metal, or even other swords.
To produce Damascus Steel, sixty-seven separate layers of various types of steel and iron are folded and welded together, producing a material that is renowned for its tough, shatter-resistant quality and sharp and resilient edge.
Damascus knife in a gift box
Comes in an elegant Quentons box, making this a perfect culinary gift. High concentration of carbon, is the reason why Damascus steel is internationally renowned for its strength and metal integrity. But these knives require special storage conditions; after use, please wipe the knives with a soft dry cloth and do not leave them covered in soap or salty water for long periods of time.
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