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Damaskus and Ceramic Knives

About us

Our inspiration

Quentons has a simple mission: to give you the tools that make cooking as straightforward as possible. We wanted to create a cooking experience that was easy and accessible in equal measure. It acknowledges that the daily task of cooking is a balancing act between quality and time. Within that equation, Quentons has removed common problems so you can focus on what matters – the cooking.

Good technique is what we want to focus on. We believe it takes the hassle and stress out of the kitchen. It makes food preparation simple allowing you to focus on cooking the dishes you want.

What we do:

Quentons brings professional cooking technology to your kitchen at an amateur price. Our alternative use of high-quality materials keeps knives sharper for longer.

After much trial and error we honed in on two materials that we believe enable the humble knife to perform its duty to its utmost capacity: Damascus steel and ceramic.

We were inspired by the manufacturing history of Damascus steel – a history of perfection. It was developed using the same techniques as ancient Middle Eastern sword making – a technique famous for producing a mottled pattern as several layers of steel are combined to ensure the steel retains its strength. The natural properties of ceramic lend themselves to knife making: it is a flexible as well as strong material, thus making a refined blade a possibility.

All our knives are ergonomically designed with trimmed and smoothed handles that feel light and comfortable in the hand while preparing food.

The irony is that a blunt knife can be more dangerous than a sharp one in the kitchen. Our knives remain sharp with prolonged usage without the need for constant sharpening, grinding and toil.

We have designed a knife range that delivers ultimate cutting efficiency. Our sharp blades mean that slicing and dicing is made easy and effortless. Relentlessly sharp blades give the user confidence to undertake more complex tasks and encourage creativity.

A bad workman blames his tools, but a good one knows and cherishes a correct tool when he sees one. Your cooking can only be as slick as the tools you use.

You can download a digital version of our Catalogue.